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Ecological monitoring

   Carlsberg Kazakhstan, like any socially responsible company, is committed to combating the global environmental challenges of our time, namely climate change on our planet Earth due to colossal greenhouse gas emissions due to the modern model of the carbon world economy. To do this, the company follows its sustainability program ‘Together Towards Zero’, which defines the strategic goals that we strive to achieve in the long term: Zero carbon footprint, Zero water waste, Zero irresponsible drinking and Zero accidents.

       However, in addition to greenhouse emission, there are other pollutants that do not have a greenhouse effect but have an impact on the environment. The company determines its environmental aspects that arise in its operations within the framework of ISO14001 International Standard certification, environmental management system and conducts environmental monitoring of pollutant emissions. The results of the company's industrial environmental monitoring are available in this section in accordance with the Aarhus Convention ‘On Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters’.


Permit for emission