We are determined to protect the welfare of our employees by pre-empting the potential risks of our operations and providing a safe working environment. Essential to a safe working environment is a ZERO accidents culture. Ultimately, we believe that all accidents are preventable, and this mentality is fundamental to the way we run our business. 

We pursue a reduction in the number of accidents year on year, with the ambition to reach ZERO lost-time accidents by 2030.




  • ZERO lost-time accidents
  • Reduction in accident rate year on year

Our approach towards ZERO

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Managers are expected to lead by example and motivate their staff to participate in H&S initiatives. Staff are expected to take personal responsibility, engage in H&S activities, and to look out for their colleagues.

Our H&S Policy defines how we work to prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents and to protect people in the communities where we operate. We also engage actively with external partners and contractors to raise awareness of the health and safety issues in our value chain.

Supporting global goals

Our commitment to reach ZERO lost-time accidents contributes to SDG 8, Decent work and economic growth. In particular, we focus on target 8.8 – promoting safe and secure working environments for all workers.

Actions towards ZERO

Our Life Saving Rules

In 2018, we rolled out our new Life Saving Rules programme across the global business. Built on industry experience, it targets the areas where people’s lives can be endangered if rules are not followed correctly. This initiative is already deeply impacting the whole organisation.

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