Environmental campaign ‘Moldir su’

One of the most important case stories from Kazakhstani market, which supports our Together Towards ZERO sustainability programme is the regional environmental campaign ‘Moldir su’, which is held by Carlsberg Kazakhstan with the active partnership of local authorities for the second year in a row. ‘Moldir su’ could be literally translated as 'Pure water’ from Kazakh language.

During this environmental campaign our employees, volunteers and media representatives cleaned local reservoirs. Jointly, almost 18 tons of garbage were collected on the coasts of unique local Alakol and Balkhash lakes, and water basins in Atyrau and Almaty cities. The important thing is that plastic collected in  Almaty were recycled into garbage containers.

This project is a part of the activities outlined by our new sustainability program Together Towards to ZERO, one of the priorities of which is ZERO water waste.

 Sustainability at Carlsberg Group:

Together Towards ZERO is a response to increasing consumer demand for sustainable products in a time of global challenges such as climate change, water scarcity and public health issues. The programme is an integral part of the Carlsberg Group’s SAIL’22 strategy and consists of four major ambitions – ZERO carbon footprint, ZERO water waste, ZERO irresponsible drinking and a ZERO accidents culture – each with individual and measurable targets. The ambitions and actions are driven by the Carlsberg Group’s purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow. It is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.